Water Process Decaf French Roast - 12 oz.

Benfatto Coffee
Weight 1.00 LBS
Height 6.00 (in)
Width 4.00 (in)
Depth 3.00 (in)

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A great decaffeinated alternative to your breakfast blend at a very reasonable price! This is a fantastic option for the decaffeinated coffee drinker with a palate for a bolder-than-usual decaf cup. This decaffeinated coffee is now Water Processed, as opposed to Methylene Chloride, making it a good and natural decaf option. It is an organic way to enjoy a delicious cup of perfectly roasted sweet aroma decaf. 


** Please specify grind type in the comment section at checkout - ex.: drip coffee, french press, etc. **

Product Reviews

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Water Processed Decaf. French Roast
Written by Cindy Meyer on 10th Jan 2024

This is a great coffee. Nothing has been lost in the flavor or body during the decaffeination. We do not take a difference with regular and decaffeinated.

Freshly roasted, flavorful!
Written by Marion on 2nd Oct 2023

This is such a good coffee. I love that the bag has the roasting date on it (for me same day I picked it up!). This is an obviously very talented coffee roaster who really cares about his coffee. Even the decaf, which is not always the case with all coffee companies. Highly recommend Benfatto decaf coffee!

Best coffee
Written by Margaret Ferreira on 12th Jul 2023

Best flavored decaf I’ve ever had?

Water Process Decaf French Roast
Written by Cindy Meyer on 14th Jul 2020

Definitely our favorite coffee. Prompt service and well packaged, an