Gift Package - 6 Different Coffees (Whole Bean or Ground)

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Weight 6.70 LBS
Height 3.00 (in)
Width 11.00 (in)
Depth 11.00 (in)

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6 different coffees - Whole Bean (12 oz. bags), which includes: 

1 Serafina (French Roast): The Serafina French Roast is made using beans from the world's greatest coffee growing regions. Enjoy moderate acidity, medium-full body, and a smooth herbal flavor with this popular blend.

1 Esperanza (Medium Roast): The lost language of Esperanza. The concept was to take the best from each language and form a new perfect language. We adopted the same principle when creating this unique blend. The Esperanza blend is a chosen combination of beans from multiple continents crafted to create this perfect and complete cup of coffee.

1 Water Process Decaf (French Roast): This is a fantastic option for the decaffeinated coffee drinker with a palate for a bolder-than-usual decaf cup. This decaffeinated coffee is now Water Processed, chemically processed, making it a delicious and natural decaf option.

1 Casablanca (French Roast): Inspired by the Moroccan city and award-winning film, this blend is one of the greatest in our repertoire. Combining two of the coffee enthusiast's favorite origins, Kenya AA and Indonesian Sumatra Mandheling style, it is sure to become a Benfatto Coffee classic.

1 Ethiopian (Medium Roast): With the oldest DNA of nearly any coffee available, it's no wonder this coffee delivers a full-city roast which boasts pronounced acidity, lemon tea flavor, followed by a crisp finish. 

1 La Caramella (Espresso): Meaning "candy" in Italian, La Caramella is the perfect way to describe this espresso blend. Extracted at a slightly lower temperature, it will deliver an extremely aromatic, sweet bouquet. It is bright at the front and produces a clean finish which will have you enjoying one right after another.