Splat Tamping Mat by Cafelat

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Weight 3.00 LBS

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Looking to change your barista area with something completely crazy yet extremely durable? Why not have a tamping mat that is shaped like a blob of espresso! Cafelat proudly presents a new look to their great tamping mat line: the Splat Tamping Mat.
This is the smallest of their tamping mats, featuring a small overhang if you want to tamp on the corner edge. Tamping mats are an essential must-have accessory for every barista, be it in a busy commercial setting or at home. The mat is made of FDA silicone, making it easy to wipe off any coffee spills on it. These mats have been extensively tested and they proved to be extremely durable, had no odor or taste.
Dimensions: 7 1/4" W x 4 5/8" D x 1 1/4" H