Knockbox by Cafelat

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Weight 3.00 LBS

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The Small 
Tubbi Knockbox is the perfect accessory for the home barista to help dispose of espresso pucks. It is the perfect minimalist design and it works brilliantly!

It's made of ABS plastic and is extremely durable. The food safe rubber bar is reinforced with stainless steel, as in the classic knockbox, the rubber bar absorbs the energy from the portafilter to minimize noise and reverberation.

There is a non-slip rubber pad on the bottom that prevents it moving and reduces noise while being used.

Its compact shape can comfortably hold 15 double pucks of coffee before it needs emptying. Removing the grinds, simply lift the rubber bar out and discard the coffee. The plastic tub is dishwasher safe.

Dimensions5" W x 5" H

The Large Tubbi 
Cafelat Knockbox  is simply a larger version of the Small Tubbi and features the classic Cafelat silhouette shape.  The design is extremely functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The box is approximately the same size as the original Classic Knockbox and can comfortably hold 50 double pucks before it needs emptying. This knockbox is for the serious home or commercial barista environment.

Dimensions: 6" W x 6" H