Andreja Premium Evo by Quick Mill

Quick Mill
Weight 46.00 LBS
Height 15.75 (in)
Width 11.50 (in)
Depth 17.50 (in)

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  • Sirai Pressure Stat
  • New commercial grade valves
  • New style portafilters
  • New light indicator when filling boiler (green instead of red)  
  • The black name badge on drip tray has been replaced with a new etched name/logo

Other Features: 

  • A hinged top cover that now offers easy access to the water reservoir
  • Easily accessed expansion valve installed below the hinged cover. You can now adjust the expansion valve and extraction pressure without having to remove the outer shell!
  • New standard star shaped steam and hot water knobs
  • Optional NEW 4 hole steam wand tip
  • Optional Fully articulating joystick style steam & hot water handle


Upgraded vacuum breaker valve to the best the market has to offer
- No vapor lock problems with this valve, ideal for machines being used on a timer.

Upgraded to a 52 Watt Ulka pump with brass ends and built-in thermal overload protection
- This higher wattage pump does not have to work as hard and produces less noise. The brass ends won't loosen up and develop leaks. This is often the case with less expensive 41 watt Ulka pumps that have plastic ends found on the majority of machines on the market today. Chris' Coffee Service also specked a thermal couple mounted on the side of the pump coil, protecting the pump by shutting it off in the event that is should run too long and get too hot. The end result is no damage to the pump.

Precise magnetic sensor switch controls water tank level
- This update replaces the micro switch and spring loaded shelf mechanism, dramatically reducing noise. In addition, eliminating the need to weld support posts to the frame eliminates any chance of rust occuring. The magnetic float is substantially more accurate and consistent, and it will shut the power to the heater with the precisely the same amount of water inside the tank each time from the day you take the machine out of the box.

Second magnetic sensor alerts the user that water is beginning to run low
- A second sensor generate a low audible alert to inform the user that water will soon need to be added. The user may finish any espresso shot being pulled when the alert sounds and even pull a few more before the second sensor deactives power to the heater. Even in the event that the user fails to add water at this point, the second sensor only cuts power to the heater and not the pump, allowing the barista to finish pulling their shot. This feature was inspired by customer reviews lamenting about their machine deactivating itself in the middle of a perfect shot.

Added an additional guage for the pump pressure

 - Allows the user to set the pump output pressure and see the resistance exerted by the coffee.

Resettable hi-limit to protect the heating element
- No fusible link that has to be replaced -- simply push down to reset.

Premium-quality commercial-grade steam and hot water valves.
- These non-compression valves cannot be over tightened and therefore last much longer than traditional compression valves. In the event that valve does begin to leak, we can easily supply you with a very economical rubber replacement seat. To see the difference
Click Here

No-burn, swiveling stainless steel steam arm.
- Same as the Giotto Premium - simply put they are the best!)

.9mm -4 hole steam tip
This particular upgrade is great for the latte lover looking to perfect steam control and micro-foaming technique.

Insulated boiler
- In addition to keeping the surrounding areas cooler, this upgrade prevents leaks occuring from tubing touching the surface of a bare boiler. Increased energy efficiency as increased boiler heat retention will require fewer heating element cycles, and increased longevity of electrical components that are subject to failure from over-heating in time are also advantages that the upgraded boiler provides.

Large-capacity drip tray with new drip tray cover
- The new drip tray cover eliminates water ending up on a counter surface. The drip tray is easily removed and works intuitively, just like a common silverware drawer.

Added a 20 mm diameter access port to the pressure stat for easy adjustment
- Not necessary to remove the machine cover to adjust stat.

A newly added access panel directly under the heating element
- With a vertical boiler it is very difficult to remove a heating element. Without an access hole large enough to remove it, removing the boiler by breaking the connections first would be required.

Added a drain plug to the bottom of the boiler
- This can be accessed from the same removable panel that gives you access to the heating element.

Additional features which are also on the original Andreja include:

 Available direct-connect including all required components for easy self-installation
(Well thought-out for easy install includes regulator and pressure gauge.)

Best quality expansion valve on the market today
(Very easy to make precise adjustments; Most are very sensitive to minor adjustments.)

Much easier to remove outer shell for service than most other machines

Power indicator stays on and heater lights go off when water is needed.
(Most machines kill power to the entire machine and all lights go off.)

You will have peace of mind knowing that all warranty work is handled by Benfatto Coffee. Our technical support team of factory-trained technicians has over 100 years combined experience servicing all makes and models of commercial espresso machines, and includes live technical support with Chris' Coffee Service's (the direct master importer) technical support group. Technical Support Representatives are available to handle your questions live on request!

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  • High-quality stainless steel construction #304 food grade, even the frame itself. 
    (Many machines on the market use low grade #240 stainless that a magnet will stick to. Many competitive manufacturers fail to mention that their machine's only have a stainless steel exterior, and not on the frame, where rust is most likely to occur.)
  • E-61 commercial group
  • Two complete 58 mm portafilters (one single and one double)
  • Built-in heat exchanger
    (brew coffee and steam milk simultaneously)
  • Thermo siphon circulation
    (maintains consistent brewing temperature)
  • Ulka 52 watt vibratory pump with thermal overload protection
  • Lever-action Semiautomatic
  • Boiler: 1.6 liter capacity
  • Insulated boiler keeps your kitchen, and more importantly, expensive internal electrical components cooler preventing failure due to exposure to excessive heat.  
  • Water reservoir: 3 liter capacity
  • Large, pull-out stainless drip tray with 46 ounce capacity
  • Weight 46 lbs.
  • Cup warmer 
  • Hot water and no-burn steam nozzles 
  • Boiler pressure gauge
  • Group pressure gauge
  • Precise, magnetic switch detects low water level
  • Automatic water level control  
  • 1,400 watt heating element 
  • Blank for backflushing
  • Direct connect option available Click Here
  • Complete down loadable User Manual User Manual

Dimensions: 11.5" Wide x 17.5" Deep x 15.75" High

Do you want to learn more?  Read's Buyer's Guide featuring the Andreja Premium. This time around, the guide focuses on one of the most popular espresso machine designs, the E61. As part of an E61 roundup, it compares the Andreja Premium with two other competitive offerings. Espresso enthusiasts should also check out the hints and tips in the article entitled, "How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love HXs"

Warranty: One-year parts and labor provided by Benfatto Coffee.

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Before finalizing your purchase, please call us at 908-442-6515 to allow us the opportunity to make sure you've selected the machine and options that best meet your needs and budget.


1 Year Parts & Labor provided by Benfatto Coffee *** Note: equipment failure caused by scale or lime build-up is NOT covered under warranty. Customers are urged to take necessary measures to remove harmful magnesium, calcium, and sediment from the water source supplied to the equipment in question.***

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Just what I was looking for
Written by Dave on 11th Sep 2010

I spent a lot of money on making my new kitchen look beautiful. I am a coffee fanatic, and I wasn't about to cheapen the look of my new digs with a Wal-Mart special. It is a finely tuned & classic looking machine that allows me to enjoy coffee the way it's made in Italy. Money well spent for the end result.