Alex Duetto IV by Izzo

The Alex Duetto has been known for years amongst coffee enthusiasts as the leader in dual boiler espresso machines. Now, the Alex Duetto IV espresso machine by Izzo has gone even further into the forefront with a score of great new features that make...

Alex Leva by Izzo

The Alex Leva espresso machine is an excellent option for the home users. This machine features a PID controller allowing you to have more control over the quality of the steam. It also has an optional double tray which can be placed on top of the...

Alexia Evo by Quick Mill

The Alexia by Quick Mill is the culmination of practicality, space conservation, and value in an espresso machine. The Alexia is a single boiler machine which gives the espresso afficionado the ability to duplicate the perfect espresso...

Andreja Premium Evo by Quick Mill

NEW FEATURES! Sirai Pressure Stat New commercial grade valves New style portafilters New light indicator when filling boiler (green instead of red)   The black name badge on drip tray has been replaced with a new etched name/logo Other...
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Anita Evo by Quick Mill

The Anita by Quick Mill, a "Best in Class" home espresso machine (HX Machine) featuring many of the same components as its premium edition (Andreja Premium) without the premium price tag. The Anita foregoes some of the extra...

Astro 12 Coffee Grinder by La Spaziale

Flat blades ø 2,5" Motor: 1400 rpm. Telescopic press Dose counting device Bean hopper capacity: 3,52 lb Dosing hopper capacity: 0,66 lb Power supply: 110/230 V - 50/60 Hz - 340 W Weight: 25,57 lb Dimensions (inch): P = 14,6"  L = 9...

Biocaf Coffee Grinder Cleaner Tablets

The Urnex Biocaf coffee grinder cleaning tablets are a highly effective all-natural, biodegradable, and phosphate-free way of quickly removing coffee oils and grind particles from burrs and casings without disassembling the grinder. Formulated from...

Buona Notte Decaffeinated Espresso - 12 oz.

This rich and silky decaffeinated espresso can be enjoyed any time of day without compromising your good night of rest. Sweet aroma, smooth texture.   Please note: this is an decaf espresso coffee, therefore the grind setting will be for decaf...
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Cafe Stainless Steel Knockbox by Cafelat

Made from stainless steel it is built like a tank and will last for a very long time. The Cafe Knockbox holds about 50 double pucks. Perfect for cafe and restaurant use. The rubber bar is reinforced with a stainless steel bar. This knockbox has...

Casablanca French Roast - 12 oz.

Inspired by the Moroccan city and award-winning film, this blend is one of the greatest in our repertoire. Combining two of the coffee enthusiast's favorite origins, Kenya AA and Indonesian Sumatra Mandheling style, it has become a Benfatto Coffee...
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Casadio Undici A2 Compact by La Cimbali

  This compact Casadio is ideal for the medium volume cafe or restaurant. With its versatile semi-automatic functionality and host of new features. Undici is comparable to some of the best commercial espresso machines at a very accessible price...

Classic Knockbox by Cafelat

The Stainless Steel Knockbox has been updated and now has a removable bar system that makes cleaning much easier.Made from stainless steel which makes it very durable. It will hold about 50 double pucks. The rubber bar is reinforced with a stainless...

Coffee 101 Decaf. French Roast - 12 oz.

This french roast decaf is a great decaffeinated alternative to your breakfast blend at a very reasonable price! This is a fantastic option for the decaffeinated coffee drinker with a palate for a bolder-than-usual decaf cup.   ** Please specify...
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Coffee 101 Decaf. Medium Roast - 12 oz.

This medium roast decaf coffee is a great decaffeinated alternative to your breakfast blend at a very reasonable price!   ** Please specify grind type in the comment section at checkout - ex.: drip coffee, french press, etc. **

Coffee 101 French Roast - 12 oz.

The Coffee 101 French Roast offers the boldness that you would expect from a French Roast and bright acidity. It has a spicy bouquet with a clean finish and mild bold. It is used by some of our best benchmark restaurant's & country clubs...
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Coffee 101 Medium Roast - 12 oz.

A very well-balanced coffee with just enough body and snappy brightness to be a coffee house & restaurant favorite, not to mention a great bargain! This medium roast has a smooth and nutty taste to it with a mild acidity. A perfect breakfast...

Colombian Fair Trade & Organic Medium Roast - 12 oz.

This Colombian Fair Trade Organic coffee is a medium roast, well balanced coffee with moderate brightness, smooth body & finish.   ** Please specify grind type in the comment section at checkout - ex.: drip coffee, french press, etc. **

Colombian Supremo Medium Roast - 12 oz.

Arguably the most famous origin of coffee today, this highest grade Colombian Supremo comes as a medium roast, offering the perfect balance of acidity, body, and amazing aroma to be the quintessential breakfast blend.   ** Please specify grind...
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Corner Style Tamping Mat by Cafelat

Cafelat shows their attention to the real barista's needs by offering two styles of tamping mats. This one is a corner style mat, suitable for any perpendicular counter edge. The flat mat is also available, which is suitable for any flat surface. A...

Costa Rica Tarrazu Medium Roast - 12 oz.

As one of the world's finest growing regions, Costa Rica's Tarrazu coffees are second to none. Enjoy this medium roast for its extremely sweet essence and bright acidity. It's mellow body will suit the coffee aficionado seeking a golden cup to enjoy...
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Custom Roast it!

Did you already pick out the green coffees you want in your blend? If yes, GREAT, you are at the right place. Just select how many pounds to be roasted (either 25 or 50) and be sure to select your profile criteria: Final temperature and final time...
Color: Classic aluminium/white

DC One Grinder by Dalla Corte

Dimensions: (L x H x D): 9.10 x 22.40 x 10.20 Weight: 26.45 lbs Grinder Capacity: approx. 4g/sec Power Capacity: 1500g Power Consumption 24hrs: 500W Connected Load: 230/240 V 1 PH, 115 V 1 PH – 50/60Hz Rotations/minute: 1350 g/min (200V...
DC Pro - 2 group (Alu/white)

DC Pro Espresso Machine by Dalla Corte

   2 Group 2 Group High Dimensions 28.7 x 20.7 x 20 28.7 x 21 x 20 Weight 163.1 lbs. 163.1 lbs. Power Consumption (24-stand-by) 7.9 Kw 7.9 Kw Max Power 4.3...
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